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Madrileña de reformas opiniones

agosto 20, 2022
Madrileña de reformas opiniones

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40 Aguirre’s reflections were based on the imperative of the modern world that demanded making the promotion of private and social interests compatible. He imagined an ideal situation in which feudalism and despotism would not have prevented this confluence and translated it as a constitutional proposal. What is interesting is that the Military Ingenue is not interested in a primitive constitutionalism in the sense that Mably might have been, that is, as a counterposition to commercial modernity and as a reflection of republican virtue. From the republican discourse he was interested in the argument on inequality because it allowed him to speak out against the patrimonial disproportion introduced by feudalism and the idea of the social pact as the philosophical foundation of legislation by consent59. His reference to the past, however, is not in search of a primitive republicanism to claim as a model but, on the contrary, on the assumption that it would have been possible to reconcile commercial modernity, the play of interests and passions as the basis of social dynamics, with a constitution that would have avoided the serious errors of feudalism and despotism.

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However, it is not advisable to buy an old office to convert it into a dwelling, since most mortgages establish as a requirement that the property has the license of first occupation and this is only obtained after converting the premises into a dwelling.

On the other hand, if the premises are located on urban land, do not exceed the limitation of dwellings per hectare, comply with the regulations of habitability of the autonomous community and the statutes of the Community of Owners do not prohibit anything in this regard, we can consider starting the project. But, how much does it cost to convert a local into housing? The truth is that it is not easy to answer this question, since it depends a lot on the surface of the premises and the type of reform that is necessary.

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At the time of processing the change of use, there are certain expenses that we will have to face, like the Tax on Constructions, Facilities and Works, the Scriptures, the Tax of Documented Legal Acts, the inscription of the housing in the Registry of the Property and the possible rise of the IBI. Expenses that vary depending on the characteristics of the property itself and of the work. They are usually around 15 – 20% of the total cost.

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To give you an idea, an owner of a 60 square meter local can rent it for about 600 euros per month, but if he converts it into a two-bedroom house and rents each of them for 500 euros, he can obtain an income of 1,000 euros. Almost double! But, in addition, even when it comes to selling, the profit would also be higher if it is a dwelling than an office, business or warehouse.

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The Community of Madrid establishes that it is necessary to meet certain requirements to be able to opt for a change of use of premises to housing. Not all premises are suitable for conversion to housing.

Not all commercial premises can be converted into dwellings. For this reason, it is essential to have professional architects to guide us on the steps to follow from the first moment. What are the most common factors that could prevent us from the change of use?

We can check the feasibility of the project with an architect who is an expert on the subject or by consulting with an urban informant from the City Council. But we can also request a binding urban compatibility report from the Madrid City Council, which usually takes about a month.

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